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Sapphire strip

Sapphire (corundum) is found in many countries and comes naturally in every colour of the rainbow. Today, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is the best source, though , Madagascar, Thailand and Africa also produce quality stones. Sapphire is most sought after in blue, the best of all being cornflower blue, which is a medium intense vivid colour. In fact the word Sapphire implies that it is blue, other colours being termed Fancy Sapphires.

99% of the Worlds’ sapphires are heated, to improve the clarity and colour of stones that would otherwise be of poor quality.

The remaining 1% are untreated and are incredibly desirable. We specialise in these stones. Tell us what shape or colour or size you would like and we will offer suggestions. Please remember that stocks of unheated stones are very limited.


We supply sapphire direct from the mine in Sri Lanka. That’s why you get whatever you want, for the best price.

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Map of Sri Lanka

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