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Round Brilliant Cut

Round Brilliant

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Emerald Cut

Emerald Cut

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Diamonds and Sapphires
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Green Diamonds




Market Price

Our Price

GD542  Green Diamond

10 - 50 points

1 carat



GD543  Green Diamond

10 - 50 points

10 carats



GD544  Green Diamond

10 - 50 points

100 carats



All our lots of coloured diamonds are between SI2 and I3 in clarity. They are natural diamonds, but their colour is the result of permanent enhancements replicating the process that occurs in nature. This is done because the demand for coloured diamonds is so high, and the natural occurence of coloured stones is so low.

A large natural pink diamond can cost $1,000,000+. Ours are a little more gentle on your bank balance!

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